Another opportunity to bring your wardrobe up to date with the latest high fashion Yare Boat Club Kit.

Is your yellow turning a bit grey?

If your high viz losing it's sparkle? Be safe, be seen...

Are you racing and want to be fully Yeah Yare team colours?

Do you need a few more layers for when the sunshine battery's run down as we leave the summer?

Well, now's your chance, Arthur has opened a Kit window opportunity with Godfrey Sports. The best bit about a "Kit Window" is the more we get involved together and buy the right stuff, the more we all benefit from the YBC Group Discount so everyone's a winner! Better than the January Sales...


Strongly recommend purchasing:

Yellow - Custom Performance Tee SS
Yellow Cotton Tee


and HIGH VIZ BEENIES and performance Tee shirts too - BE SAFE BE SEEN!


The Kit Window is now running until Sunday 8th November 2020 and you can follow the link to it on https://godfrey.co.uk/club/yarebc



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