With the winter just about over, Masters G sculler David W headed over to Bedford for the Spring Fours and Small Boats Head on Sunday (14th April). With a sharp easterly head wind it didn't feel that spring-like but at least the weather stayed dry.

Held in mid April the head of the river race on the Bedford course offers seven divisions of racing over a brisk 2000 metres, making doubling and even trebling up quite possible for the the obsessed racer seeking a sharpener before the side by side races of the regatta season gets underway at the end of the month. Bridges, a weir, an island quay heading and the narrowing river in the last 500 metres all make for an exciting course to race over!

After a rather poor effort in Masters F/G handicap singles in a morning division, David teamed up with NRC Masters G sculler Clive Bound in a composite double for an afternoon division. Against F crews, the Yare / Norwich composite stormed to a win in an actual time that beat the younger teams, and a handicap adjusted time that saw them off by nearly a minute! (Adjusted time: 8 minutes and 3 seconds.)

Pic Attached: David and Clive take it up for the finish (Photo courtesy of Piers Herrmann, Broadland BC)

Another composite of Yare sculler Andy Green and Broadland BC's Elliott Lawrence raced in a Masters C double which was very quick beating all opposition except the local Star Club men who frankly know every inch of the course and where the absolutely fastest lines are. (Andy /Elliot's time of 07:40 equalled the Star time, but the Masters D handicap gave Star a victory margin of 14 seconds.) Andy was also second in another composite double racing Masters B, but had the foresight to enter in a composite quad that took the Masters B/C pot by 8 seconds on adjusted time (and very nearly beat them on actual time too), so congratulations on the medal.

There was a good spirit throughout the day between the Yare and Broadland members, who shared Broadland's trailer for the trip. Yare (and Norwich) rowers are very grateful for their help!